Delta Management Services and Roccaforte Scam

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Delta Management Services and Roccaforte Scam

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Delta Management Services and Roccaforte Scam.

In the last week of July 2023 a zoom meeting was hosted by an allegedly Hong Kong based company calling itself Delta Management Services.  The audience consisted of Dolphin and High Street GRP investors. They were invited to attend by the owner of the Dolphin investors facebook group, and a former investor committee member of the High Street GRP investors facebook group. On the face of it two people who investors would trust.
Delta Management Services Ltd claims to be a Hong Kong based debt collection company which is working with a UK company called Roccaforte Ltd. They claimed to have a fantastic history of success in recovering investors’ money. We have been contacted by investors asking us whether this is genuine and we have been telling investors that it is 100% a scam. There is no doubt about it.  Anyone who pays them will lose their money.
Mark Hambling ran the Dolphin facebook group and was responsible, in our opinion, for leading investors up the garden path. We had some communications with him many years ago because he was asking Dolphin investors to pay him “to cover costs”. He gave very poor advice to some of our clients, so at the time we marked him down as being a Dolphin stooge installed to misdirect. We are not surprised to find him endorsing the Delta Management Services and Roccaforte scam. We have no doubt that he would be on some kind of a commission because nobody would endorse a scam as blatant as this one unless they were getting a share of the spoils.
This is a clear scam for a number of reasons:
  1. Debt collection agencies have to be FCA-regulated to operate in the UK. Delta Management Services is not FCA-regulated;
  2. It is not possible for anyone to pursue debt collection against companies in administration. Both Dolphin and High Street GRP are in administration;
  3. Gary Chapple is the owner of Delta Management Services Ltd in Hong Kong. Gary Chapple used to run a debt collection company in the UK but is now a disqualified director. It’s no wonder he is now operating out of Hong Kong.  It is still a criminal offence in the UK for a disqualified director to offer services in the UK even if it is through a foreign company;
  4. Roccaforte Ltd is a UK limited company. Here is a link to its Companies House page – LINK. It is effectively a one-man operation which has a very small income. It appears that the company’s sole director, Paul Wickens, is earning about the level of the UK’s minimum wage. There is no way that these two crooks have recovered the kinds of sums they were talking about;
  5. The registered office of Roccaforte Ltd is Apt 8, 14 Eccleston Place, London, England, SW1W 9NE. This is Paul Wickens apartment. It doesn’t sound a very professional organisation.
  6. They were asking for a very large percentage of investors’ money upfront (5%), which is in犀利士
    credibly excessive and far more than a UK solicitor would ask as an upfront fee;
  7. They wanted the investor payments to be sent to Hong Kong. Clearly, once money is sent to Hong Kong you might as well kiss it goodbye. It will never be seen again.

It took us about 30 minutes to gather that information so it suggests to us that introducer fees were being paid and they weren’t bothered about doing any due diligence.

We hope investors were not fooled by this scam and did not pay any money to them. The only positive note that we have on this is that we were contacted by a High Street GRP investor who was just about to pay a few thousand pounds to DMS. We were able to persuade her it was a scam and she didn’t make the transfer. Phew, that’s one lucky lady.

Delta Management Services and Roccaforte Scam. DO NOT PAY THEM ANY MONEY.


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