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European Property Coin Is Back

European Property Coin Is Back 300 233 SOS Team

European Property Coin is back yet again proving that some scams never die, they just get rehashed and come back as another follow-in-fraud attempt.

In January 2019 one of our clients filed a winding up petition against Clear View Marketing Services Ltd [LINK], the company behind the totally fake digital currency scam titled ‘European Property Coin’. The petition was successful and the company was placed into liquidation in April 2019.  Since then there have been several follow-on-frauds claiming to have recovered money for investors. We have collected more than 50 bank accounts which have been used in these follow-on-frauds.

With Bitcoin hitting new highs it was inevitable that the fraudsters would dust off one of their digital currency scams. Follow-On-Frauds are perpetrated by organised criminal groups. They take millions of pounds every year. Here is the email which is being sent to investors.

From: Euro Property Coin <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2021,

Dear EPC owners,

Firstly we would like to start by apologising for the lack of contact over recent months, we have been working tirelessly on making the required changes to the blockchain and wallet files to allow for our listing to take place.

I am pleased to confirm that we are now listed on SouthXChange, the link for the trading pair is in the signature below.

We are currently in a very good period for the performance of digital currencies as a whole, our aim is to now have EPC (or as it is now referred to on SouthXChange EUPC) trading in the top 500-1000 of digital currencies, we are currently ranked at just over 4000.

In order for the coin to become profitable and liquid for all of you who invested earlier, we will need the trading volumes to pick up and for all investors to please remain calm when it comes to selling. If you all try sell at once we will crash the price of the coin and it will be difficult to recover. The coin has traded between 2 and 20 pence on the exchange so far, and we want to be trading at the higher end of the spectrum.

We would please urge that you refrain from selling straight away as the volumes aren’t there at the moment, we need to build the volumes in order to increase the coins rank, once increased the volume will continue to grow naturally but it will take some work to get there.

How can you help? Each investor can help by opening their account with SouthXChange, before you can start listing your coins you will need to update your wallet software, the link can be found on our website listed below.

We will never ask investors to buy more EUPC from us as the ICO stage is over but we would request for investors to deposit a minimal amount (even £20-£50, and no more than £200) onto SouthXChange and buy Bitcoin with this, then use those minimal amounts to help us increase the trading volumes. This will help yourself and all other investors by increasing the trading volumes in EUPC. The coin is currently traded to BTC only and the link for the pairing is listed below. By making small trades (even £10-£20) this will rank the coin up gradually, allowing for a more liquid opportunity and therefore opportunities for investors to sell and with positive market conditions we can make a profit.

This email is used for support purposes only, most instructions you will find on SouthXChange website but if you need help then please contact us via email.

Support Team
European Property Coin
Now trading on SouthXChange via the following link***Please note Euro Property Coin nor SouthXChange will never charge you an upfront fee to sell your coins, please be extremely wary of any such offers***

This email is intended for the sole recipient only, if you have received this email in error then please remove it from your system. Sharing the contents of this email without prior consent is an offence. Checks have been made to ensure the content of this email and any or all attachments are free from viruses, however we cannot guarantee this and we take no responsibility for any viruses found in emails.


Clear View Marketing Services Ltd was established by Florian Pierini. Mr Pierini was recently charged with conspiracy to defraud and launder money in relation to the Essex and London Properties scam.  You can read more about that scam on this link.

When the intended victim opens an account with SouthXChange they will fill in their bank details to make the small purchase. Whatever Bitcoins they buy will end up in the scammers wallet and the scammers will then make as many large unauthorised Bitcoin purchases as they can until the investor spots it or their bank recognises the transactions are unusual and freezes the account. By that point the investor could have lost tens of thousands. NEVER SIGN UP TO A DIGITAL CURRENCY ACCOUNT AT THE REQUEST OF ANY ORGANISATION.


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