Global Capital Holdings are perpetrating a follow-on fraud against victims in the Essex and London Properties scam.

Essex and London Properties Ltd is in liquidation and has been the subject of a fraud investigation undertaken by Essex Police. However, that has not prevented it from becoming the focus of yet another follow-on fraud attempt.

This time the scammers are operating under the title of Global Capital Holdings. There is a company with this name. This may be a letter from that company or it may be from people trying to look like they are from this company. We don’t actually care because the important point is that the letter is a scam.

The letter is a fairly standard follow-on fraud template. They are claiming to be “trusted third-party appointed agents for the recovery of assets and funds….”. They are not. If an investor responds to this letter they will be on the hook again and these people will keep coming back at them. At some point in the very near future they will ask for money. Do not contact them and do not pay them any money. If you have already reported your case to the authorities you should send the letter to them.

For anyone who has invested in a scam, this letter and the one contained in our previous blog (which can be viewed HERE), are useful guides as to what you can expect to receive in the future.

Safe Or Scam is still trying to help investors involved in the Essex and London Properties fraud. A UK law firm has written to the Official Receiver on behalf of an investor group because we are concerned that no serious effort has been made to recover more than £12m which is unaccounted for.