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How To Deal With Fraudsters

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How to deal with fraudsters.

We are regularly contacted by people who are being approached by follow-on-fraudsters promising to recover their money.

We spend a lot of time emailing investors advising them not to pay any money to these people, but we recently received an email from someone who had responded to an approach by an organisation called UCIS Advice Point promising to put her in contact with a law firm.  You can read our previous articles about UCIS Advice Point here.  We were concerned that Neil Bromage may have been using UCIS Advice Point as a front for passing on investor details to scammers and other investment companies with which he or his family were associated.

This lady, who won’t mind us saying that she is mature in years and quite forthright, certainly felt that this is exactly what had happened to her.  This was her email to Neil Bromage of UCIS Advice Point:

Since giving you my details, I have received two phone calls about “my carbon credit investments”, the latest being today.

 I’m glad to say that I never invested in such scams and would ask you to refrain from passing on my details to any investment schemes whatsoever since anyone ringing me will just be wasting their time and will get short shrift from me.

 There’s no way I’m going to listen to any spiel given me by a cold caller and I will just tell them to ‘f …. off’ and put the phone down as I have done with these, so kindly strike me off your “sucker’s list”.

For years I have not received any calls about scam investments as I was no longer on a “sucker’s list” after dispatching any calls I did get in the above manner, so I know it’s you who’s behind my getting two such calls in a matter of days.

Just leave off and strike me off the list would you please. I’m very angry!!

This lady’s advice of just telling cold-calling follow-on-fraudsters to “f…. off” has our full support.  If you would like to know how to deal with fraudsters you might consider taking a leaf out of this lady’s book.  It appears to have been quite effective for a number of years.

We would be very interested to know which law firm and which lawyer was working with Neil Bromage because UCIS Advice Point went to great lengths to hide the firm’s identity.  If anyone has any evidence in that respect please can they let us know.


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