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UCIS Advice Point.

SOS is working with investors who have invested in several scam projects and who have recently been approached by UCIS Advice Point.  The company offers “free advice” to investors.  It uses a domain name of .org.uk.  The website www.ukdomains.org.uk explains what a .org.uk domain represents.  Here is their explanation:

“.org.uk is THE recognised domain name extension for UK charities and not for profit organisations. The general public recognises that .org.uk represents such organisations and therefore conveys a sense of trust”. 

That fits with the impression our clients have.  Many of them have asked if UCIS Advice Point is a charity or even a UK Government department.  Unfortunately it is neither.

Here is an explanation of who they are and what they do from their website:

“We have spent the last few years working with people who have found themselves caught up in Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes.

“Our team is made up of lawyers and experienced property professionals who have first-hand experience of UCIS`s.

We are NOT a Claims Management Company but simply an Advice Point for investors who have unwittingly been encouraged to invest in schemes that may be unregulated and therefore unlawful.

We can assess your position and the legitimacy (or otherwise) of the Scheme into which you have invested and provide you with a report of our findings.

We will not charge you for this service.

If we find that you have invested in an unlawful scheme we will direct you to appropriate help to seek redress and compensation for your loss”.

So is this true ? Well, the UCIS Advice Point website was purchased on 1st August 2019, less than a year ago.  A company called UCIS Advice Point Ltd was incorporated in the UK on 20th April 2020, less than three months ago.

Is the company a charity or not-for-profit company ?  No.

Is the company exempt from Claims Management Company regulations ?  No.  In our opinion they are a claims management company and therefore subject to UK Financial Conduct Regulations.

So who is behind UCIS Advice Point ?  They clearly haven’t “spent the last few years working with people who have found themselves caught up in unregulated collective investment schemes”.  They don’t give any information on the “lawyers and experienced property professionals who have first hand experience of UCIS’s”.  In fact they give very little information at all.

The UK company has only one director, Peter Rowland Dobson.  However, we think he is just a front man.  We have noticed how UCIS Advice Point keeps popping up and approaching investors in scams that we have exposed.

Therefore, we contacted some of the organisations we work with and asked them if they had been approached by UCIS Advice Point.  Some of them confirmed that they have been approached.  Some have even had meetings with UCIS Advice Point.  We asked them if the meeting was with Peter Rowland Dobson.  They told us that it was not.  They said that the man who approaches them and who runs the organisation is a man called Neil Ronald Bromage.

Neil Ronald Bromage is a disqualified director.  He was disqualified in 2015 for a period of ten years.  This is confirmed here.

To be disqualified from being a company director for ten years suggests that a serious offence was committed.  There is circumstantial evidence which suggests that Mr Bromage was involved in a company providing “legal services”.  This explains why Peter Rowland Dobson has been installed as the front man director in UCIS Advice Point Ltd and why none of the alleged “lawyers and property professionals” were willing to put their names or the companies on the website.

We do not know what Mr Bromage is up to, but we are sufficiently concerned to suggest that investors should be very cautious.  In our opinion the involvement of a disqualified director in UCIS Advice Point is a cause for serious concern and the company should not be trusted.

The company has been given the opportunity to explain the involvement of Neil Ronald Bromage, but has not done so. We will update this article if/when we receive clarification from the company.

We have issued an updated Scam Alert over this company.  The updated article can be viewed here.


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