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Titon Associates Scam

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Titon Associates Scam.

Titon Associates Asset Management is a bogus company running a follow-on-fraud against investors who have already lost money in a scam. This scam organisation is pretending to be this company Titon Associates Ltd.  It is the standard scammers model of choosing an innocent long-established company and hijacking its name.  Their documents will include the registration number and registered office address of the genuine company because they know that investors will not write to the company’s address to check if the approach is bona-fide. If you ever want to check with a company DO NOT call the telephone number or email them. Write to the company’s registered office address which is shown at Companies House.

The Titon Associates scam website is very poor. The domain name was purchased in January this year. The Financial Conduct Authority has already issued a warning here about the company.

Investors typically receive an email from “Camilla Mullertz” (she’s the director of the real company so these guys are pretending to be her) which says:

I would like to personally welcome you to Titon Associates.

We hope you will find your experience with us both memorable and rewarding. As a client of our company, we can guarantee you a transparent process and insight into new potential investments, along with a personal service of the highest caliber. 

Included in this letter is your contract for the sale of your portfolio, as well as our terms and conditions of sale. 

The world is your oyster.

Yours sincerely,

Camilla Mullertz


“The world is your oyster”……  It sounds as if she likes a good proverb.  Here’s one she could have used which would be more pertinent “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Don’t give any pennies to the Titon Associates scam because they will run off with them and you will not see your money again.


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