Insolvency Information Services is a Scam

Insolvency Information Services is a Scam 300 233 Safe or Scam

Insolvency Information Services is a scam.

Victims of the Solari Energy scam involving Doug Fletcher, Constantine Pagonis, Matthew Stone and Duncan Clark (amongst others) are being contacted by an organisation claiming to be Insolvency Information Services Ltd.  This a follow-on-fraud and is a scam. We have copied below the text of the letter.

We have been appointed as the liquidators of Solari, which you may have been involved with, as they have ceased trading and have become insolvent.
Our aim in this investigation is to ensure that clients have been treated in a fair manner and have not been misled in any way.
In the case of misleading and any deception, you may be entitled to compensation and part of a liquidation.
We are currently liaising with third parties and also working with the high courts, to ensure there are no delays and we ask for your full cooperation.
We have attached a copy of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is required to share sensitive information with you.
Can you please provide us with a breakdown of what you have purchased, to allow us to complete this in a timely manner.
Any questions or queries you may have, feel free to contact us by phone 020 7183 4151.
Kind regards,

Theo Steadman
Insolvency Information Services

Unfortunately for Theo (not his real name of course) Insolvency Information Services Ltd was dissolved on 1st October 2019 and no longer exists.  Not very clever of Theo to copy a company that was in the process of being dissolved.  This is a 100% absolute cast-iron scam so if you are contacted please do not pay any money to them. You will lose it all.  They are not genuine.

If you need further evidence here is a link to the Companies House website which proves the company is dissolved.


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