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Every now and then we find ourselves under attack from the scammers we have been exposing.  That is only to be expected and is nothing new. A recent example is an attempt to link Safe Or Scam to a man called Keith Geary. We do not know a Keith Geary and we never have. As Donald Trump would say “Fake News”.


When we first published this article we turned our attention to the man who was spreading this rumour. We are now withdrawing our comments about him. We have had a conversation with him and it is clear to us that he is genuinely owed money by Keith Geary.  It now appears that he was approached by Simon Whittley-Ryan, a man who has established several scam companies and it was him who tried to spread the rumour that Safe Or Scam was linked to Keith Geary. You can read about Mr Whittley-Ryan on this link.

Readers of our blog articles will not only have come across Simon Whittley-Ryan on a regular basis (because he has five companies which have all defaulted on payments to investors), but will also occasionally see the name of Matthew Cullum. He has sold many scams to investors over the years under the trading names of MCI, TSM Corporate Services, MSE Managed Services and so on. He also sold some investments into Simon Whittley-Ryan companies so it is clear that they both know each other. We have written several articles about Matthew Cullum and his business dealings – you can read about him here.

It would appear that Simon Whittley-Ryan and Matthew Cullum were behind this conspiracy. Matthew Cullum recently wrote to us offering to pay off the creditor of Keith Geary if we would take down our latest article about his company.  At the time we thought it was odd that he would make this offer to us. We declined it.  Here are extracts from his email and our reply to it:

[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Keith,

Right so regarding the [CERDITOR’S NAME] thing. Yes, he seems to be on a campaign against you. To be transparent I have attached all the information I have been sent about you. He also has said he will be speaking to and sending details to anyone featured on your website and putting it on his own new website and likely will not stop until he is repaid.

I state again I will handle [CREDITOR’S NAME] and his debt tomorrow and will make sure he never contacts you again and I will ensure he sends you an email to confirm this the moment my pages are taken down. Please let me know tomorrow.




From:  [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Dear Matthew,

[Our Client Name] has not been paid so we will not be removing anything from the website.

[CREDITOR’S NAME] is nothing to do with us. We assumed he was bizarrely trying to claim a debt from us because one of our clients wound up Win River Developments Ltd [one of Simon Whittley’s companies], but he has sent an email overnight which suggests he had some kind of business arrangement with Keith Geary and claims he lost money ?

We’re not going to respond because we’ve told him enough times that we don’t know a Keith Geary. We have no idea why he thinks Geary is associated with us and we’re not interested in his business dealings or any action he proposes to take.



Now that we have had the opportunity to speak directly to the Creditor we find out that the misinformation he has been spreading through various websites, has been paid for by Matthew Cullum. Matthew Cullum and Simon Whittley-Ryan have been providing fake information to the Creditor. Cullum has been paying him to post it online. In the interests of fairness we have removed the creditor’s name from this blog. He was manipulated by two very experienced con-men and he genuinely believed what they were telling him. He has told us that he will be removing the fake content from the websites and we take him at his word.


Someone calling himself Charlie Dewey has been touting an article which he claims is “from a reputable company that I invest in (for confidentiality reasons I’m not going to name them) that has been badly damaged by Safe Or Scam”. That’s a direct quote from his introduction. Obviously we were quite concerned that a reputable company might have been damaged by us until we found out the name of that alleged reputable company. If Charlie Dewey won’t say the name of the company, we will.  It is Win River Developments Ltd owned by Simon Whittley-Ryan. We have seen the contents of that article before in letters written to us by Mr Whittley-Ryan. Again, it was an attempt to link Safe Or Scam to Keith Geary.

Safe Or Scam was called in by investors to investigate Simon Whittley-Ryan’s companies AFTER the companies defaulted on payments to investors, not before. Four investors added their name in court to support the winding up of Win River Developments Ltd. There was not one investor who came forward to support the company.

Charlie Dewey is also a supporter of Roger Allanson, the owner of a law firm which has been intervened by the SRA and which was responsible for the Allansons Litigation Fund investment. This investment collapsed and £20m of investors’ money has been misappropriated to god knows where. Allanson isn’t telling. He is leading them a merry dance. The fact that Charlie Dewey is also a supporter of Simon Whittley-Ryan should be a major concern to Allansons investors.

Mr Dewey is an advocate of NOT taking action against Roger Allanson and his accomplices. He is encouraging investors to fight for the re-appointment of Roger Allanson and urges them to work with him to get the cases started. What cases ? They’ve gone mate.

Not only is Charlie Dewey urging investors NOT to take action against a man who was responsible for the loss of £20m of investors’ money, but he is also supporting another man who has run five scam companies, all of which have defaulted on payments and resulted in large losses for investors. It is no wonder Charlie Dewey didn’t want people to know he is in bed with Simon Whittley-Ryan. It is also no wonder he wants to rubbish Safe Or Scam because we are keen to hold Roger Allanson and his associates to account. Something Charlie Dewey is very keen to prevent. His solution is to keep organising more worthless webinars with Roger Allanson. We believe investors are being misled by Charlie Dewey.

Allansons LLP was negligent in the way it handled the investment and investors will get nowhere dealing with Roger Allanson. They are being manipulated in a stalling exercise. The point of stalling an investor action is always to buy more time for scammers to disperse the money and put it out of reach. It is not easy to shunt £20m around. It takes time. The people involved in the Allansons Litigation Fund don’t mind if investors are stalled for years because that suits them. They know investor groups can be infiltrated, manipulated, lied to and stalled.

Simon Whittley-Ryan is back in court soon facing a winding up petition against St Helier Capital Management Ltd. Three investors are taking action against the company. One of them is Dennis Smith aged 89. You can read about Dennis and his experiences in this Daily Telegraph report.  Maybe Charlie Dewey will give Simon Whittley-Ryan a character reference this time around ?  

Matthew Cullum, Simon Whittley-Ryan and their crooked friends will not stop us from exposing scams and continuing to help investors take action to recover their money. Check out our Testimonials page. They’re all genuine people we have helped.


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