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A few weeks ago we published an article on Brookfield Investment Funds PLC and we identified one of their money mules. They have been using a bank account in Singapore under the name of VipCo Holdings. Vipco Holdings is well known to us because it has provided bank accounts to two other scam operations. You can read our first article on Brookfield and its money mules on this link.

We have been provided with details of another money mule bank account. This time it is located in Germany. Here are the bank details:

Account Name: Law Office: John Jennings
Account Address: 40213 Duesseldorf, Germany
Account Number: DE34 7001 0080 0097 3868 04
Bank Name: Postbank
Bank Address: Essen, Germany
Swift Code: PBNKDEFF
If there really is a John Jennings Law Office in Duesseldorf then it can’t be very busy. It doesn’t have a website. You will find this snippet of information if you look for the John Jennings Law Office.
To prove the Brookfield money mules operation is a truly global scam we were contacted by another investor who told us that she had been asked to pay her money to a bank account in the USA. Here are the details of that money mule account:
Account Name: Kaloca Inc
Account Address: 2177 Buckingham Rd,  Suite 567,  Richardson, TX 75081
Account Number: 4880 7336 0881
Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 100 N. Tryon St,  Charlotte,  NC 28255
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N      ABA/Routing Number:  026009593
So….. Brookfield Investment Funds PLC has been asking investors to pay them by sending money to bank accounts in Singapore, Germany and the USA. No doubt other accounts will come to light in the near future.
Hot off the press. We’ve just been informed of another Brookfield money mules bank account in the USA that they’ve been using:
Account Name: Wellington York Partners LLC
Account Address: 16787 Beach Boulevard,  Suite 686,  Huntington Beach,  CA 92647
Account Number: 059589101
Bank Name: Bank of the West
Bank Address: 19006 Brookhurst Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Swift Code: BWSTUS66      ABA/Routing Number:  121100782
Any law enforcement officers reading this who might want to go after these guys ? We’ve got a lot of information which we’re happy to provide.

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