Scam List Update 1

Scam List Update 1 350 225 Safe or Scam

Scam List Update 1

Due to the number of recovery actions we are pursuing on behalf of our clients we are finding it difficult to keep up with the free scam warning service we provide. We issue scam warnings as a public service in the hope that potential victims come across them BEFORE they have paid money to the scams. We know it works because we are often contacted by people who were about to pay money to a scam but didn’t because they saw the warning.

From now on we will be publishing lists of scams which have been reported to us just so that we can get something out in the public domain whilst we find the time to look into these scams in more detail. This is the first list of scams which have been reported to us in the last two weeks. We will publish more thorough reports into some of them in the days and weeks ahead.

Coin-Markets –  a fake trading scam. The trades that clients see when they logon did not take place. They are fake trades designed to make it appear that the investment is doing very well.

HV Global  –  This is a follow-on-fraud. They have acquired the contact details of investors and are contacting them to say that they are the lucky owners of shares. All they have to do is pay some money to release the shares. It is not true. The investor does not own any shares.

The Carbon Registry –  They claim to have sold an investor’s carbon credits. All the investor has to do is send them some money. It’s a scam.

Big Option / Option Rally –  Trading scams.

Advisors For Excellence –  Another follow-on-fraud pretty much identical to the HV Global scam mentioned above i.e it is a fake share scam.

In addition to the ones mentioned above we have also been contacted about some of the existing scam warnings we published recently. We have had a lot of responses from people who have information on the following scams:

Chelsea Transfer Ltdread the previous article here;

Brokers Communityread the previous article here;

Brookfield Investment Funds – read the previous article here. This group of scammers has been very active. We’ve had a lot of enquiries from people who have fallen victim to this scam. One person has given us additional information which ties into two active recovery actions we are pursuing on behalf of clients. There will be an update shortly.

Craven Capital –  another scam where we have received a lot of enquiries and some very useful information. Craven Capital has money mules across the world.  An update will be given soon. Read the previous article here.

Scam List Update 1.