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Maddox Capital Partners Scam Alert

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Maddox Capital Partners Scam Alert.

Yesterday we wrote an article – LINK about a follow-on-fraud being perpetrated by an organised crime gang operating under the name of Porterfield Financial Holdings.  The Porterfield scam started in March 2022.  The same group is running several follow-on-frauds from the same office at the same time.  Maddox Capital Partners is another one of them.  The website domain name was purchased in October 2021, but by February 2022 the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK were made aware of the activities of the fake Maddox Capital Partners and issued this warning to the public – LINK.  Within three weeks the scammers were back, repeating the exact same scam under the name of Porterfield Financial Holdings.  They have a conveyor belt of fake companies.

They have been running the same scam for years using the same document but just changing the branding.  Investors have sent us what they have received.  We have removed anything which might indicate their identities and have copied their documents below.

We would draw your attention to the phone numbers for the two companies.  They are the same ! Phone numbers can easily be faked. There are companies which specialise in providing numbers which give the appearance of being in London, Washington, Tokyo etc, but they automatically divert to call centres operated by the scammers which can be based anywhere in the world.

Maddox Capital Partners_Fake Guarantor Form_Redacted

Porterfield Financial Holdings_Fake Guarantor Form_Redacted

Maddox Capital Partners_Fake Invoice_Redacted

Porterfield Financial Holdings_Fake Invoice_Redacted

Needless to say this is a follow-on-fraud targeting investors who have already fallen victim to a scam.  Most likely one of the sales agents or the “back-office service provider” has sold the contact details of investors to the organised crime call centre so they can hit the phones and send out their email broadcasts.  Do not be fooled by the promise that an organisation is holding funds and all it needs is a small fee to release the money.  It is NEVER true.

Maddox Capital Partners Scam Alert.


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