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Nicholas Adamou (born Sept 1962) is a man we suspect of being an accomplice in the binary option fraud involving Derrick Williams of Access Corporate Ltd and Gregory Odia.  The fraud was perpetrated under the name StratXMarkets.

Access Corporate Ltd was a money mule company which collected money from investors for the StratXMarkets fraud.  The company was owned by Derrick Williams and was wound up by the High Court in London in June 2019.  Since that date the perpetrators have frustrated the attempts of investors who are seeking to trace where their money has gone.  Mr Adamou has been contacted by investors but has declined to give information.

In Nov 2014 Access Corporate Ltd notified Companies House that its records were being kept at 36 South Approach, Moor Park, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2ET.  That remained the place where all company records were held until mid-2019. It was changed after legal action had started against the company.  Here is a copy of the filing submission Nicholas Adamou – Access Corporate Address

36 South Approach, Moor Park, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2ET is a residential address.  Records show it is the property of Nicholas Adamou and Caroline Adamou, who were assisted in the purchase of it by loans from TSB Bank, Sotiris Adamou and Vasos Adamou. Here is a copy of the Land Registry document. Land Registry_36 South Approach_Nicholas Amadou

This is also the registered office address of Nicholas Adamou’s latest venture – London Collectors Cars Ltd. Ask yourself, would you buy a used car from this man ?  Here is a link to the Companies House record for London Collectors Cars Ltd

Here is a link to the Nicholas Adamou profile on LinkedIn .  On it Nicholas Adamou states:

“My company offers an extensive professional and confidential service in all aspects of sourcing, verifying and purchasing collectors and classic cars. The company consultants have more than 40 years experience in the classic car industry. This background has given us the tools to develop the strategies to help our clients locate, verify and authenticate any prospective purchase. We also offer a full advisory service from start to finish and comprehensive after purchase service of maintenance, storage and advice.”

This company was incorporated in April 2019.  His last company Spice Europe Ltd was dissolved in late 2015.  It does make you wonder what Mr Adamou has been doing for the last three and a half years while binary option scams like StratXMarkets have been defrauding investors……

In December 2018 a legal document was sent to Access Corporate Ltd at the 36 South Approach address.  It was signed for by Nicholas Adamou.  Here is a copy of the proof of delivery Signature~DW_14th December 2018

In January 2019 a solicitor representing Access Corporate Ltd sent a Witness Statement signed by Derrick Williams to our client.  It refuted all the allegations made by our client, namely that the company had taken receipt of a large sum of money from our client.  It threatened injunctions against our client and contained the following statements made by Derrick Williams:

“I am resident in Spain and have lived in that jurisdiction for many years…..

I am the sole director and shareholder in the company Access Corporate Ltd which has its registered office in Northwood which is my UK residence……” (our bold).   So, Mr Williams regards 36 South Approach, the property registered in the names of Nicholas Adamou and Caroline Adamou, as HIS UK RESIDENCE.  It is no wonder that Nicholas Adamou is being evasive and avoiding answering questions regarding his role in the fraud.

“When the Demand was presented to me in Spain I was immediately incredulous as to the contents and wrote to the Claimant, so called, telling him to cease and desist……”  So, now we know that Nicholas Adamou, who signed for the document, presented it to Derrick Williams in Spain. Nicholas Adamou was in contact with Derrick Williams.

“I do not admit the debt because the allegations…….are entirely misconceived and in any event are unsupported by any evidence……

For the avoidance of any doubt the Defendant disputes any claim as alleged or at all, which is in any event embarrassing for its lack of particularisation……”

We responded to this letter on behalf of our client. As a result of our response this signed Witness Statement was never presented to the court by Derrick Williams, his solicitor immediately stopped working with him and the case against Access Corporate Ltd went ahead.  Access Corporate was not represented and the company was wound up.

We now know for certain that Access Corporate DID receive our client’s money.

Nicholas Adamou was a participant in this fraud and has important information on Derrick Williams, Access Corporate Ltd and others. He can either give it up voluntarily or be dragged into court because that is where this case will end up.  Our experience is that innocent people are always willing to help.  Guilty people do everything they can to avoid answering questions.

There will be more on Nicholas Adamou and Derrick Williams in 2020. We are expecting this to lead to criminal charges.

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