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Saxon Oil 300 233 Safe or Scam

Saxon Oil is one of a number of USA oil investments which have been offered to investors over the years. Every single one of them has been a scam.

The early ones involved New Horizon Energy, Swartz Oil, Anglo Oil LLC, Oakmount & Partners and others. These had the grubby fingerprints of Glenn King and David Hyman all over them. Saxon Oil was also linked to these two serial scammers.

The Securities and Exchange Commission in the US took action against King and Hyman. This resulted in them changing their business model. Instead of selling direct interests in US oil ventures they switched to selling interests in UK companies. The UK companies would then contract with the US companies on a profit share basis. Basically it was a smoke and mirrors exercise but the end result was the same.  They siphoned off most of the investors money leaving only a small amount to be invested in the oil venture.  Sure enough, all five UK companies which they established and which were fronted by Martin Finch stopped paying royalties to investors.  The scams were then exposed. See the previous article here.

There will be another article on the oil companies before the end of the year.

Saxon Oil has owed a lot of money to its original investors for many years, but that hasn’t stopped it from launching yet another US oil investment in an effort to separate more investors from their money. Saxon Oil has recently written to their original investors promising them their first payment for years whilst at the same time promoting their latest investment.

But…..bad news. Saxon Oil has now had to tell investors that due to circumstances beyond their control the payment has been delayed until the New Year. They soften the blow by telling investors the good news. Their new investment is ready for launch ! However, they inform investors that there is a strict time limit on them being able to invest.  Investors must sign up right now or they will lose the chance. Just for the purposes of clarity in case anyone is considering this as a potential investment, THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM WARNING. SAXON OIL IS A SCAM.

If you would like to see what a basic scam brochure looks like you can download it here: Brochure-Saxon Oil-Investment Scam 1

We have added a watermark on the first page to show what we really think of it. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY.  YOU WILL LOSE IT.


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