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Paul Donofrio Scam

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Paul Donofrio Scam.

We have received a few reports of a mass email communication with the usual story of free money for anyone who responds.  These are low quality scams which broadcast to millions of people hoping to get a few responses.  This one came from someone calling himself Mr Paul Donofrio , although his email address is  He calls himself Paul in the text of the email but has the name Eric in his email address, and he spells his surname as Donofrio in the text, but Donafrio in the email.  It seems that he is a very confused individual because he doesn’t know his own name.  That’s not a very good start, but this is a very poor scam.

Here is the email which is typical of these kinds of mass broadcasts.

This is to let you know that the World Bank Swiss/ UN monetary unit has reopened our services to beneficiaries after the lockdown.

Given this development, we are fully aware that many beneficiaries may have died as a result of the pandemic and therefore could not claim their pending funds.

Bank Of America was appointed by the office of World bank auditors to make such payments to the concerned beneficiaries. And the sum of USD 5,400,000.00 has been approved by world bank auditors to be paid to each beneficiary concerned out of his/her total fund as part payment.

We, therefore, want you to get back to us if you are still alive by forwarding your full details such as

  • Your full names
  • Address,
  • Phone Number
  • Any means of identification.

The only thing we will do is to re-validate your file so that it will become more authentic and be among the list of files that will be on our pay list.

NOTE: Please, if you are not interested in receiving this approved fund, you may not bother to contact us back.

This is a golden opportunity for you to receive your fund. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Your immediate response is highly needed to enable us to commence the transfer.

Yours faithfully,

Paul m, Donofrio

It is important to remember that if you have no idea why you have received an email offering you free money or free shares it is a scam. Never send your personal details to anyone who sends you an unsolicited email.

Paul Donofrio Scam.


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