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Sterling Holdings Scam

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Sterling Holdings Scam.

A group of scammers is carrying out a follow-on-fraud against people who have lost money in investment scams.  They are using the name of Sterling Holdings.  There is a genuine Sterling Holdings Ltd in the UK, but these scammers are not that company.  The letterhead paper they use (as can be seen below) shows the UK company registration number at the bottom.  That is not the registration number of Sterling Holdings Ltd.  It is the registration number for a company called Sterling PCC Holdings Ltd.  These scammers are not that company either.

They use the domain name of

The Sterling Holdings scam is the usual model whereby the scammers claim to have a buyer for the intended victim’s investment. The investment could have been anything – carbon credits, bonds, diamonds, binary options, rare earth metals etc.  The bottom line is that the investment companies have all gone because they were running scams.  The investor was left with nothing.

The scammers claim that there is a buyer for these investments and that the money has been placed in escrow. All the investor has to do is to pay the escrow fees and the money will be released to them.  They attempt to provide reassurance for the investor by stating that Sterling Holdings will act as Guarantor for the transaction. The Sterling Holdings scammers are persistent and will keep calling their intended victim asking when the escrow fee will be paid.  It is unusual in that both men and women are involved in the scam.

Here is an example of one of their emails:

From: “Sterling Holdings” <>
Following your conversation with your advisor please find the relevant documents attached confirming your withdrawal

Should you have any further question please feel free to ask your advisor

Kind Regards,

Paul Jones
Head Of Payments  | Sterling Holdings
T:  0800 118 4176
A: Clarke Willmott, Burlington House Botleigh Grange Business Park, Hedge End, Southampton, England, SO30 2AF

Here is the letter they attach to their email (with investor details redacted to protect his/her identity):

Sterling Holdings Scam_Under-Written Guarantee_REDACTED 

If you receive any letters claiming there is a buyer for your collapsed investment and that the money is being held in escrow until you have paid a fee, it is always a scam, even if they claim to have a Guarantor to protect your money. It’s a very common follow-on-fraud.


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