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We received an enquiry from someone who had invested a small amount in the scam.  Profit-ACCA claims to be a crypto-currency trading platform operated by the UK company Profit ACCA Ltd.  It even has a copy of the incorporation certificate on the website.  Here is a link to the website, but do not pay anything to them.

The website claims that the platform has 1 million+ traders, but the website has been up for less than three months because the domain name was purchased in July 2020.  The UK company has been around for a bit longer.  It was incorporated in April 2018, however the sole director Scott Watson filed to dissolve the company.  Companies House has published the intent to dissolve the company and it will be dissolved on 18th October unless someone can prove that the company traded and lodges an objection at Companies House.

The investor wrote to tell us that she wanted to withdraw her profits, but the only way she would be allowed to do that was if she upgraded to a higher level account which meant paying more money in.  We have seen this type of scam many times where the small print restricts investors from withdrawing money.  The reality is that there are no profits.  The money was stolen as soon as the investor paid it in and they have just been watching a software program which makes it look like trading has been taking place.  None of the trades are real and the crooks have stolen the money.  That is the scam.

The difficulty is proving that the website was actually operated by the UK company called Profit ACCA Ltd.  Scammers often clone the names of legitimate companies. If the website is a clone and it isn’t really operated by Profit ACCA Ltd then the dissolution of the company might disrupt the scam a bit. Hopefully potential investors will see this article or check at Companies House in the future and will not invest.

If you are interested in investing in Bitcoin or in trading Bitcoins (and we have no idea why anyone would ever be interested in doing either because they would be swimming with sharks), then take some screenshots of the website.  This is what a scam website looks like.  These website templates are passed around amongst scammers.  If any other trading platform site looks like this you can be sure it is a scam.


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