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Shepherd Cox Directors.

Shepherd Cox Directors Lee Bramzell and Nick Carlile are both facing personal bankruptcy petitions filed by a creditor.  We discovered the existence of the petitions when a Safe Or Scam client attempted to file bankruptcy petitions against both men for unpaid debts and was informed by the court that another creditor had beaten him to it and had already presented bankruptcy petitions.  Our client has now registered his debt in support of the existing petitions.

We have been approached by several people who have lent large sums of money to Lee Bramzell and Nick Carlile.  Anyone who is owed money can register their support for the petitions.  Here is a link to UK Government advice.

The bankruptcy petition hasn’t stopped Lee Bramzell incorporating a new company on 1st October 2020.  It is another one under the Festival Hotels brand – FESTIVAL HOTELS (CHESTER) LIMITED.  But Lee Bramzell and Nick Carlile already have a company called NITE STOP LIMITED which operates a hotel in Chester.  Nite Stop is heavily in debt to other Shepherd Cox companies, many of which are in administration and are asking Nite Stop Limited to pay back their money.  If Nite Stop cannot pay then the administrator will want to confiscate any assets owned by the company so that creditors can recover something.

We hope it is not the intention of Nite Stop to try to transfer the lease to Festival Hotels so that Nite Stop is left with a mountain of debt and no assets.  That would be par for the course for Shepherd Cox.  It will be interesting to see if this happens and whether Luqa is involved in any way in helping facilitate it.  We say this because on 18th September 2020 Luqa Ltd gave a loan to Festival Hotels Group Limited.  A charge is registered against the company.

Festival Hotels companies are operating the hotels which Luqa Ltd placed into administration and which has resulted in hundreds of ordinary investors being prevented from gaining access to company records which might show where their missing millions have gone.  Luqa Ltd continues to support the Shepherd Cox directors, but it’s going to be much more difficult in future because bankrupts cannot be company directors. Neither can they control companies through front-men installed as company directors.  We will be looking for front-men being installed in the Festival Hotels companies.  The other Festival Hotels companies are:

1. Festival Hotels (Durham) Limited;

2. Festival Hotels (Halifax) Limited;

3. Festival Hotels (Northallerton) Limited;

4. Festival Loan Finance Limited.

Shepherd Cox continues to work with Simon Whittley-Ryan who has written to say that they are well-funded and they have one mission which is to quote him “Bring Down Safe Or Scam”.  We’ll still be here long after their network are made bankrupt, disqualified as directors and hopefully prosecuted for fraud.

Talking about fraud, we have quite a few Shepherd Cox clients who bought hotel rooms which do not exist. We are now working with them to push for criminal charges.

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