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Shepherd Cox Hotels (Stokesley) Ltd

On 18th September 2020, Shepherd Cox Hotels (Stokesley) Ltd was placed into administration.  This company owns The Leven Hotel and is the fifteenth company involving Lee Bramzell and Nick Carlile to go into administration.  We expect more to follow as the administrators continue their investigations into the missing money.

Shepherd Cox Hotels (Cheltenham) Ltd has also been placed into administration.  At the beginning of the year there was no doubt this company owned the Charlton Kings Hotel, but once administration proceedings started the court was told that the company had sold the hotel to a BVI company called Universal Goldstar in March.  Creditors regard this as a suspicious transaction and have asked the administrator to investigate.  There have been suggestions that Universal Goldstar did not pay any money into the company’s bank account when the freehold was transferred.  An administrator has powers to undo any arrangement which may have been transacted under-value.

One of our clients who gave an £800,000 loan to Lee Bramzell and Nick Carlile (as joint borrowers) has been forced to restart legal action against both of them after they defaulted on a revised loan repayment schedule.

Over the past few weeks we have been contacted by a lot of individual lenders who have also lent money to the Shepherd Cox directors and have not been paid.

We have recently started working with a large number of Shepherd Cox Hotels (Lymm) Ltd investors to assist them in acquiring the lease at their hotel.  One investor has already been through the courts to obtain a debt judgement against the company and has instructed a solicitor to enforce the judgement.

Finally, a number of Shepherd Cox companies have been trying to place assets beyond the reach of creditors.  We are following this closely on behalf of our investor group.

Here’s an interesting development.  Shepherd Cox, Aston Darby and serial scammer Simon Whittley-Ryan have been communicating with each other.  More on Mr Whittley-Ryan and the transfer of £300,000 of Win River Developments Ltd investor money to a Romanian money mule later this week.  The last time we reported on Romanian involvement in a scam was back in March when a Romanian was involved in the Westway Holdings scam.  See the article here.

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