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Safe Or Scam has started an investigation into Strategy Markets.

Strategy Markets operated a bogus equity and commodity trading platform whereby investors agreed to allow “traders” to buy and sell shares and commodities using the investor’s money.

Strategy Markets promised average monthly returns of 1.1%.  It was a very well-constructed scam offering different packages to investors with titles such as SWP Portfolio or PPP Passive Preservation Portfolio, but of course none of these packages really existed.  The investor’s money was stolen the moment they paid it over.

The investor’s trading history could be viewed online when they logged into their account.  The investor would be able to see a lot of impressive graphs, a history of the trades undertaken on their account, movements on equity and commodity indices in real-time etc.  It looked impressive but the trading history was entirely false.  None of the trades were ever made. Investors were watching a piece of software designed to produce a fake trading history.

Strategy Markets is a new investigation for us and is not to be confused with StratXMarkets, a binary option trading scam for which our investigation is well advanced and one where we have been achieving results.  One of the larger money mule companies involved in collecting money for StratXMarkets has been closed down and a team will now be going through the company records.  The StratXMarkets investigation is entering a new phase which we hope will lead to a recovery of funds and criminal charges being brought.

The hook for trading scams such as Strategy Markets is to offer investors the opportunity to make a small initial investment or to reassure them that “for the first month all trades are undertaken at the traders risk”.  The scam trading company will then adjust their fake software to show healthy profits over that early period.  The investor, believing the profits they see on the screen are genuine, is then persuaded to increase their investment.  That’s how this kind of scam works.  They also apply the 4:1 rule by ensuring that for every four profitable trades they show one loss-making trade.  If every trade made a profit the investor would think it was a bit suspicious so they throw in the occasional loss to make it look more realistic.  On a regular basis the investor is contacted to increase their investment because they are told that their account is doing really well.  Before long the investor has paid over far more money than they ever intended.

A clue to Strategy Markets being a scam is that none of their documentation actually contains any company details.  There is no company registration number or company address on any of their letters or invoices.

However, like most of these bogus trading schemes they use money mules to collect payments from investors.  If any investor is ever seeking to invest with any organisation and the investor is asked to pay their money to an entirely different company, or to an account in an individual’s name, that should set alarm bells ringing. WALK AWAY BECAUSE IT WILL BE A SCAM.

We are working the Strategy Markets case on behalf of a client and we are following up on some leads.  If anybody can assist us with information on Strategy Markets please make CONTACT.

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