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TexPark London Scam.

A scam group calling itself Texpark London (or Texpark Investments on its letterhead paper) is carrying out a follow-on-fraud on victims of scams. So far they have contacted victims of The European Property Coin scam.

There is no company called Texpark London, but there is a UK company called Texpark Investments Ltd. At this point we normally say that the scammers are using the identity of a genuine company as a smokescreen, but a quick look at the Filing History of Texpark Investments Ltd at Companies House shows that this company has a number of red flag filings indicating that it is part of a scam – LINK TO TEXPARK INVESTMENTS LTD FILING RECORD.

For example, the director Anil Rathod was appointed in January 2012, but did not inform Companies House until March 2018 i.e more than 6 years later. SCAM. The same occurred with the appointment of Ms Vinni Rathod i.e she claims to have been a director since 2012, but documents were not filed until 2018. SCAM. Then there’s the fact that the original company founder was Barbara Kahan who has been a director of more than 30,000 companies, many of which have been used in scams. Finally, we note that the last set of accounts filed by Texpark Investments Ltd were approved by the company’s Board in October 2021 and signed by “Javed Ahmed – Director”.  This screams SCAM. Whoever “Javed Ahmed” eventually turns out to be, he is not a registered director of Texpark Investments Ltd and never has been. Perhaps they are planning to register Mr Ahmed as a director sometime in the next decade or so.

There is one further red flag which we can honestly say we have never come across before and is just so bizarre that we have saved it for the end of this article.

The Texpark London scam (Texpark Investments scam) uses the domain name of texparklondon.co.uk. This domain was purchased in November 2021.

We have covered the European Property Coin scam in our blog articles on several occasions. For example, you can read one of them on THIS LINK.  At the time of writing this article on the Texpark London scam one of the founders of the European Property Coin scam is being prosecuted in the UK for his role in another scam (the Essex and London Properties scam). His name is Florian Pierini and you can read our latest article on that scam via THIS LINK.

We have copied below the letter which the Texpark London scammers have been sending out to investors by email. Please note that they also have investors’ phone numbers and make their first contact by phone. It is very likely that these scammers were part of the original scam or have bought the investors’ details from the sales agents. We have removed any text which might indicate the identity of the investor who sent this to us.

Texpark London Scam Letter_REDACTED

So now the most bizarre element of the whole scam. You will note the address of the company at the bottom of the letter. It is Skanda Vale, Llanpumsaint, Carmathen, Wales, SA33 6JT. It is fair to say that this isn’t your standard registered office address. A check on that address shows that it is the headquarters of THIS ORGANISATION – LINK TO WEBSITE.  Skanda Vale’s website declares it to be “a multi-faith ashram – home to a resident community of monks and nuns“. Yep, definitely not your standard registered office. Skanda Vale is a registered charity. The website states “I have here people, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Jews, I’ve got every nationality here. I have very carefully respected every person’s belief, and not trespassed in any way to interfere with your belief. All roads lead to Rome… all roads will lead to God”.

It is important to state that the fact the registered office of Texpark Investments Ltd was, until 6 days ago, the home of the multi-faith ashram, does not mean that this organisation was, or is, involved in the Texpark scam. A company can name any address as its registered office, even without the knowledge of the resident of that address, but you have to admit it is all rather odd. The Skanda Vale address was the registered office from February 2021 until 12th March 2022. We would imagine that the 90,000 pilgrims Skanda Vale claims to receive each year would have tailed off rather sharply during the Covid restrictions in Wales.

All we can really say about this whole affair is….. God moves in mysterious ways !

Texpark London Scam.


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