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Platinum One – Golden Sands Developments Platinum Ltd

Platinum One – Golden Sands Developments Platinum Ltd 150 150 Adam

Safe Or Scam undertook a review of the Platinum One project at the request of an investor. The company running that project, Golden Sands Developments Platinum Ltd, is now in administration along with several other companies controlled by the director Ameerali Bin Abas.

Mr Abas was disqualified as a company director in June 2018 for a period of 10 years. This was in connection with his involvement in Absolute Living Developments Ltd.

SOS is investigating all of the companies previously controlled by Ameerali Bin Abas to determine whether there is the potential for a group recovery action.

Essex and London Properties Ltd – Update

Essex and London Properties Ltd – Update 150 150 Adam

Essex Police have concluded their fraud investigation and passed the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration. The liquidator Begbies Traynor has referred their investigation to the Official Receiver.

SOS has been working with a UK law firm to investigate recovery opportunities. The law firm is in contact with the Official Receiver and we hope that the OR will be prepared to circulate details of the proposal before Christmas. See separate website

Bar Works Inc / Central FX

Bar Works Inc / Central FX 150 150 Adam

Following a recent newspaper article in the Daily Telegraph describing an action launched against Central FX by more than 50 investors in the Bar Works Inc Ponzi Scheme, SOS met with the appointed solicitor to review the evidence gathered by SOS investigators.  The outcome of that meeting is that we expect the solicitor to initiate the next phase of the recovery action before Christmas.  The claim is in excess of $5 million.  The solicitor is in discussions with UK authorities to agree the reporting procedure and SOS will be updating the evidence bundle to allow the claim to progress.

St Helier Capital Management – Update 4

St Helier Capital Management – Update 4 150 150 Adam

Investors in St Helier Capital Management Ltd are now ready to take the matter to court. SOS has been gathering more evidence against St Helier and its director Simon Whittley. It appears Simon Whittley is no stranger to court appearances, the majority of which relate to failures to pay creditors.  One of our clients is 90 years old and we are determined to see him awarded a full refund and obtain a judgement against Simon Whittley. See separate website 

To view the previous blog comment on St Helier Capital Management click here 

Safe Or Scam Appoints Second Licensee

Safe Or Scam Appoints Second Licensee 150 150 Adam

Safe Or Scam is very pleased to welcome Suzanne to our team. Suzanne, like James, was a former Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police in London. In the past Suzanne has worked on investigations involving financial crime, money laundering, fraud and cybercrime. Suzanne’s range of experience will prove invaluable to all SOS investigators as we continue to expand both our network of authorised investigators and the number of complex scams which are being brought to us by concerned investors.

Safe Or Scam Appoints First Licensee

Safe Or Scam Appoints First Licensee 150 150 Adam

Safe Or Scam has signed up our first OAL (Official Approved Licensee) in the UK. We expect to announce our second OAL later this week.

We are very pleased to welcome James to our team. James is a former Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police in London and was a key member of the Operation FALCON team which stands for Fraud And Linked Crime ONline. James’ investigative skills and understanding of organised crime will prove invaluable to all our future OALs wherever they are in the world. It is very gratifying to have such a high calibre first OAL. Our second OAL is also very highly qualified in investigations. More on that later this week.


SOS Launches New Licensee Program

SOS Launches New Licensee Program 150 150 Adam

We are pleased to announce our new Official Approved Licensee (“OAL”) Program. The program launched on 1st August 2018 aimed at attracting motivated people around the world who are looking for a new career as an investment reviewer and investigator working in partnership with Safe Or Scam. If you have excellent report-writing skills, a desire to help people who have been the victims of a scam and are motivated to attract and handle your own client groups, please contact us. For more information on this opportunity please visit the Licensee site.

St Helier Capital Management Ltd – Update 3

St Helier Capital Management Ltd – Update 3 150 150 Adam

A solicitor representing Safe Or Scam clients has given Simon Whittley and St Helier Capital Management Ltd a date by which our clients must be refunded in full, along with costs, in order to avoid court action.

Simon Whittley, as sole director of St Helier Capital Management Ltd, committed an offence when he filed a false statement of capital at Companies House.

He is also a director of Win River Ltd and Win River Developments Ltd. The principal shareholder in both those companies is Hawksbill Property Holdings Plc. Oh dear….. this company has history. In March 2018 the company directors decided to inform Companies House that Simon Whittley and Martyn Howell-Jones were “persons with significant control on 6th April 2016 !”  As of today’s date the accounts for Hawksbill Property Holdings PLC have not been filed and are flagged as ‘overdue’ at Companies House.

If you are an investor in St Helier Capital Management Ltd we would like to hear from you.

To view the previous blog comment on this site referring to St Helier please click here.  To view our separate website on St Helier Capital Management please click on this link

European Property Coin Scam_Update July 2018

European Property Coin Scam_Update July 2018 150 150 Adam

Florian Pierini, the sole director of Clear View Marketing Services Ltd which operates the scam digital currency – European Property Coin, has announced he is leaving the company with immediate effect. In fact, when he sent his letter out on 18th July 2018 he had already gone. The filings at Companies House show he resigned on 12th July to be replaced by a Mr David Jones apparently.

He gave no details of Mr Jones’ past history or experience and he leaves with the accounts of Clear View Marketing Services Ltd unfiled and overdue at Companies House. This looks like a classic case of installing a stooge while Pierini makes his escape. How long before Companies House takes action to dissolve the company for non-filing of company accounts whilst Mr Jones uses the well-worn excuse of “I can’t file the accounts because I’m new here and I wasn’t given any financial information” ? That is of course if you can find Mr David Jones…….

The recovery room scam team, which is newly installed after Pierini’s departure, has already started the follow-up scam. The day after Pierini’s announcement investors are getting calls telling them that the coins are going to be ‘listed’ in 4 – 6 weeks. They are already valued at £0.52 each according to these scammers but they are expected to reach £1.50 or even £2.00 when the listing takes place. Lucky investors are being told that if they invest more now they can have the coins at £0.30 each, but if they invest more than £100,000 they can have the coins for £0.20 each. Anyone who has read the website we published on this scam and then hands money to these scammers needs their heads examined……DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY SLICK SALESMEN.

Our website exposing this scam on behalf of our clients can be viewed here European Property Coin Scam.



Solari Energy – Update 1

Solari Energy – Update 1 150 150 Adam

Safe Or Scam is working with a group of 37 investors and a UK solicitor to recover investments made into Solari Energy, a solar energy company based in Australia. The investment involved unregulated sales agents selling profit shares to investors in the UK, EU, UAE and South Africa requesting them to send money to a Swiss account which was then forwarded to a Hong Kong company account which then forwarded some of the money to the Australian company and the balance to other companies in other countries. To most investors this initially appeared to be a lost cause trying to recover any money due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the investment.

SOS investigated this investment and as a result we identified a number of parties involved in this scam, including key people and companies based in the UK. We wrote to all parties and are pleased to say that almost all responded. One guy did not and we have him in our sights. The solicitor representing the investors is now in communication with those parties. The bottom line is that investors have a viable claim for recovery against each of these parties, both jointly and severally, for their involvement in this illegal investment. It is an illegal investment because it breached UK financial regulations. We are not naming the parties just yet until we have heard what their various solicitors have to say.


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