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Safe Or Scam is providing investigative support to a UK solicitor involved in a case against Central FX, the UK-based currency exchange provider recommended by Bar Works Inc in the USA. Bar Works has been prosecuted and been found to be a Ponzi Scheme run by disgraced serial scammer Renwick Haddow. Renwick Haddow used the false name of Jonathan Black.

Amongst the allegations made against Central FX is the claim that it did not undertake adequate or sufficient due diligence to identify the people involved in Bar works Inc and those who owned, controlled and managed the entities it was dealing with. Renwick Haddow is under arrest in the USA facing fraud charges filed by the FBI which carry a maximum jail term of 40 years. When the FBI have finished with Mr Haddow the SEC have their own charges against him.

There is no allegation that Central FX were a knowing accomplice in the fraud. The case against Central FX is now due to progress to the Financial Ombudsman in the UK. Safe Or Scam is collating the information provided by more than 70 investors in the solicitor’s group and we expect there to be an update direct to the investor group later this month.

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