European Property Coin Scam – Update Nov 2018

European Property Coin Scam – Update Nov 2018

European Property Coin Scam – Update Nov 2018 150 150 Adam Reeves

Some European Property Coin investors, with the assistance of Safe Or Scam, have begun taking positive action to reclaim their investments. The EPC scam is coming to an end and the perpetrators are becoming increasingly desperate to squeeze more money from investors. The promise that there will be a listing of these worthless fake coins is wearing very thin.

Fortunately we now have a very strong lead in identifying the real name of the company director who calls himself David Jones. He is registered at Companies House as David Jones but this is a false name. In our opinion investors already had a strong case against Florian Pierini but this is made even stronger by the fact that the company has continued to obtain money by deception.

We will be writing to all investors who have contacted us before the end of the year. At that point we expect to be able to declare the identity of David Jones.

DO NOT pay any money to European Property Coin or to Clear View Marketing Services Ltd. We have repeatedly warned people that EPC is a scam.

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