This action is now in a position to move forward very quickly. There have been communications with the law firm representing Doug Fletcher and Solari Energy in Australia, the representative of Global Biofuels Group based in Hong Kong, and solicitors representing Matthew Stone and Duncan Clark of Renovare Fuels Ltd, both of whom were key players in, and founding members of, the Solari Energy scam.  SOS has now involved the Hong Kong Police in the investigation to check out claims made by Global Biofuels Group.

We expressed concerns over the actions of Matthew Stone and Duncan Clark to Syndicate Room, a company which helped them raise money for their latest venture – Renovare Fuels Ltd.  The solicitor representing Matthew Stone and Duncan Clark did not comment on the fact that both men were involved in establishing the Solari scam. The Solari scam was structured to ensure that 85% of investors’ money was deducted from their initial payments in “commissions and fees”. Only 15% was paid to the company that was supposed to deliver the returns for investors. This level of remuneration to greedy participants should lead all investors in ventures controlled by these people to closely scrutinise where their investment money has gone.

Investors in the Solari scam are represented by a UK law firm. SOS is keen to hear from any party who has evidence concerning the activities of any of the people mentioned in this blog. More information can be found on this website HERE.