Florian Pierini, the sole director of Clear View Marketing Services Ltd which operates the scam digital currency – European Property Coin, has announced he is leaving the company with immediate effect. In fact, when he sent his letter out on 18th July 2018 he had already gone. The filings at Companies House show he resigned on 12th July to be replaced by a Mr David Jones apparently.

He gave no details of Mr Jones’ past history or experience and he leaves with the accounts of Clear View Marketing Services Ltd unfiled and overdue at Companies House. This looks like a classic case of installing a stooge while Pierini makes his escape. How long before Companies House takes action to dissolve the company for non-filing of company accounts whilst Mr Jones uses the well-worn excuse of “I can’t file the accounts because I’m new here and I wasn’t given any financial information” ? That is of course if you can find Mr David Jones…….

The recovery room scam team, which is newly installed after Pierini’s departure, has already started the follow-up scam. The day after Pierini’s announcement investors are getting calls telling them that the coins are going to be ‘listed’ in 4 – 6 weeks. They are already valued at £0.52 each according to these scammers but they are expected to reach £1.50 or even £2.00 when the listing takes place. Lucky investors are being told that if they invest more now they can have the coins at £0.30 each, but if they invest more than £100,000 they can have the coins for £0.20 each. Anyone who has read the website we published on this scam and then hands money to these scammers needs their heads examined……DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY SLICK SALESMEN.

Our website exposing this scam on behalf of our clients can be viewed here European Property Coin Scam.