Solari Energy – Update 1

Solari Energy – Update 1

Solari Energy – Update 1 150 150 Safe or Scam Support

Safe Or Scam is working with a group of 37 investors a威而鋼
nd a UK solicitor to recover investments made into Solari Energy, a solar energy company based in Australia. The investment involved unregulated sales agents selling profit shares to investors in the UK, EU, UAE and South Africa requesting them to send money to a Swiss account which was then forwarded to a Hong Kong company account which then forwarded some of the money to the Australian company and the balance to other companies in other countries. To most investors this initially appeared to be a lost cause trying to recover any money due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the investment.

SOS investigated this investment and as a result we identified a number of parties involved in this scam, including key people and companies based in the UK. We wrote to all parties and are pleased to say that almost all responded. One guy did not and we have him in our sights. The solicitor representing the investors is now in communication with those parties. The bottom line is that investors have a viable claim for recovery against each of these parties, both jointly and severally, for their involvement in this illegal investment. It is an illegal investment because it breached UK financial regulations. We are not naming the parties just yet until we have heard what their various solicitors have to say.


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