Osage 1 Ltd, Phenco Ltd and Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd

Osage 1 Ltd, Phenco Ltd and Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd

Osage 1 Ltd, Phenco Ltd and Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd 150 150 Adam Reeves

Osage 1, Phenco and Sooner Energy are oil investments in the USA. They have only one director – Martin John Finch. He is also a director of Kansas MB Project Ltd and Kansas B2 Project Ltd, also oil investments. Between these companies they have raised in excess of £14 million from investors. Three shareholders in these companies asked SOS to investigate on their behalf. We found clear and indisputable links to two men who we believe conceived, established and ultimately control these companies. Those men are Glenn Jamie King and David Hyman. You can read about Glenn Jamie King by typing the following into your search engine ‘Glenn Jamie King redd monitor’.

We wrote a very polite letter to Martin Finch on 3rd July 2018 outlining our concerns over the involvement of these two men and also the fact that one of his US counterparts had been sued in the US for his part in obtaining money by deception in an oil venture. We asked him to refund our clients. As of today’s date neither he nor his solicitor has responded. However, within two days of receiving our letter he wrote to all shareholders promising to restart their payments, which had stopped, and advising them that SOS was ‘a recovery room scam’ and ‘con artists and parasites’. It would appear that we touched a nerve. He advised that he “feeds letters like ours to the Regulators, Police and Solicitors”. That is good to know because we will also be informing the Police and the Regulators. He also told further lies in his letter to shareholders which we will be pointing out on a new website (details below).

We believe the Osage 1, Phenco, Sooner Energy, Kansas MB Project and Kansas B2 Project investments are very worrying for shareholders. We have advised our clients to seek an exit as soon as possible. We have purchased a number of domain names in order to publish a website for shareholders in these companies. This is to enable our shareholding clients to be able to tell their story. One such domain is osage1investor.co.uk. We expect to have the first version of the website up and running by 20th July 2018.

Any investors in Osage 1 Ltd, Phenco Ltd, Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd, Kansas MB Project Ltd and Kansas B2 Project Ltd, or in any of Glenn Jamie King’s previous ventures please contact Safe Or Scam. We may be able to help.

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