Prosperity Developments

Prosperity Developments 2417 3000 Safe or Scam

Safe Or Scam has started an investigation into three more Prosperity developments. We are interested in Tameway Plaza, The Parade, and Prosperity House.

Prosperity is still promoting its latest developments in Birmingham and Halifax. The company has not responded to a claim for compensation from a law firm representing almost 70 dissatisfied investors in its other developments. Buyer complaints include inflated valuations; shoddy workmanship; poor quality fittings; lower rental incomes than were described in the promotional material; guaranteed rentals that never materialised and a lack of response from Prosperity to valid customer complaints.

Prosperity appears to be focused on making sales and not supplying the properties that buyers were expecting. The complaints of mis-selling and customer abuse are growing.

There is also a question mark over whether Prosperity has been complying with anti-money laundering regulations.

Finally, there are serious concerns over the performance of the law firm recommended by Prosperity to represent investors in the purchase of their properties. Questions have been asked by a solicitor representing unhappy buyers.

When all is considered the Prosperity offering represented, at the least, a very poor deal for investors. At worst, it broke several UK regulations related to the protection of consumers and may be the subject of future prosecutions.

Further information on the action can be found on our SOS Investigations Page.