Prosperity Update 1

Prosperity Update 1 150 150 Safe or Scam

Investors who purchased apartments in the Prosperity tower blocks at Bentley Court and Parkwood Court in Keighley, West Yorkshire are now receiving contracts from the UK law firm leading the recovery action.

In total more than 70 investors have requested contracts.

There are already several culpable parties against whom action can be taken for their roles in facilitating, establishing, promoting, operating or participating in this flawed Prosperity scheme, with at least two further parties still under investigation.

Investors, who have recently been informed of substantial hikes in ground rents (which is a scam in itself) and in service management fees, have now been told that one of the tower blocks needs a complete overhaul of its fire management system in order to comply with the advice of West Yorkshire Fire Services. This is little over one year after they were informed that their apartments were complete, had been fully inspected and signed off by the developer’s appointed firm as meeting specifications. Clearly this latest news casts doubt over the parties who signed off on the apartments.

The more one looks into this investment product the more concerning it becomes. This was not just one rogue company ripping off investors. It appears to have been a conspiracy between a number of organisations to mislead investors.

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