Essex and London Properties Trial Concludes

Essex and London Properties Trial Concludes

Essex and London Properties Trial Concludes 300 300 SOS Team

Essex and London Properties Trial Concludes.

The trial of seven men involved in the Essex and London Properties scam has concluded with five of the men being found guilty and two of them acquitted. At this point we suggest you click across to our previous article – LINK HERE to read some of the background before coming back to this article.

The guilty men were:






The men who were acquitted were:



Looking at the men who were acquitted we were surprised that Mitchell Mallin was found not guilty. He was the only director of the company. With hindsight perhaps this is not such a surprise after all. The scam came into being in August 2015 when Terence Smith, a relative of Mitchell Mallin, became the sole director of Essex and London Properties Ltd. Within 3 months Terence Smith died and Mitchell Mallin was appointed. We have repeatedly said that Mitchell Mallin did not have the ability to establish contracts, oversee sales agents or run a back office. There had to be smarter people behind this operation. It was also clear that Mitchell Mallin wasn’t going to be the person making the big bucks out of this scam.

Anthony Whymark ran a sales agent company called APEX ALTERNATIVE MARKETING LTD – Link to Companies House, which traded under the name Apex Alternatives. We don’t know the reason why he was acquitted, but that is potentially good news for a lot of investors. Anthony Whymark / Apex Alternatives was involved in selling a lot of scams and investors in some of those scams may now be able to pursue their claims against him.

As far as the guilty men are concerned we will start with Mohammed Tanveer, 33, of Coventry Road, Ilford. He had already pleaded guilty before the trial to conspiracy to commit fraud and conspiracy to launder the proceeds of fraud. There was a Muhammed Tanveer – Link to newspaper article (different spelling of Mohammed) who was jailed in April 2019 for money-laundering offences. He was aged 30 at the time. The ages tie up.

Abdul Mukith, 42, of Great Godfreys, Writtle, is a man we have been able to tie into other scams. Here is an article from July 2021 – LINK confirming his involvement in the Coastal Supported Living scam.

Florian Pierini, 35, of Morley Road, Leytonstone, London, is a typical second-hand car salesman figure who spends a lot of time admiring himself in front of any shiny surface he can find. He’s a low-level operator who is desperate to climb up in the scam world. Florian Pierini pitched the European Property Coin scam to his accomplices above and was given money by them to get that scam off the ground. Hopefully the Police will now start to investigate that scam too. Here is an article we wrote in July 2018 almost four years ago – LINK when we had started to expose the European Property Coin scam.

We still don’t know very much about Mohammad Hussain, 31, of Church Close, Kidlington, Oxfordshire. We’re hoping more will come out about him when the trial papers are available.

Finally there is Jeffrey Razaq, 60, of Gunton Cliff, Lowestoft, Suffolk. Jeffrey Razaq is a disqualified director linked to other scams. Most recently he has been acting as the arranger for a ‘vertical farming’ scam. As we mentioned in our previous article the farmer they were intending to partner with tried to persuade us that Jeffrey Razaq was not a defendant in this case. He had fallen for Razaq’s story that he had been helping the Police and was actually a witness for the prosecution !

Sentencing is due to take place on 25th July.

To view the public release of information on the Essex Police website please click on this LINK. 

The Police will now be able to take steps to recover money and assets from the guilty parties under The Proceeds Of Crime Act (“POCA”). The aim will be to compensate as many victims as possible. We have helped some victims of the Essex and London Properties scam establish a legal action against an involved party who was not charged with a criminal offence. That legal action is underway and is expected to reach a conclusion next year.

Essex and London Properties Trial Concludes.


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  • Great information as usual. Perhaps we could pick up where we left off on the phone call last month?

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